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Why Choose Indianapolis Concrete?

Choose Indianapolis Concrete for unparalleled quality without the premium price tag. While others might compromise on craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier concrete services that are both exceptional and fairly priced. Don't settle for less; trust Indianapolis Concrete to get superior work at honest rates.

Things to consider when choosing a concrete contractor:

  • Do they have their contracting license?

  • Do they have insurance and are they bonded?

  • Do they have good standing with the BBB?

  • Do they have good standing with Angi?

  • Do they have a proven track record?

  • Do they ensure the least amount of yard damage possible, even if it means harder work?

  • Do they have a team in place to clearly communicate with you, including Pre- and Post- construction meetings?

  • Do they accept credit cards?

  • Do they provide a start and completion date?

  • Is this company established?

  • Do they have a website and office personnel?

  • Do they have exceptional customer-service?

  • Do they offer a warranty? 

  • Do they use 4,000 psi concrete?

  • Do they rough grade the project area when complete?

  • Do they provide a contract that ensures that the project is done to all local standards?

  • Is the quote a fair price?

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